Posted on: March 15, 2009 1:52 pm

Close the Account

Hello, and welcome to my old blog. I have no idea why you are here, but I assume that its because you searched for “RanStevens” on CBS. Fair enough.

I started this blog when CBS first offered it. I like to write, why not? Well, it turns out that everything I write becomes property of CBS Sports, and they will exercise rights over my work if I should try to delete it. So when I wanted to go back and destroy some of my old work, CBS politely informed me that I should stop trying to mess with their property.

I’m not bitter or anything; I understand the give and take. They’re giving me a place to express my opinions, and I give them the rights to my works. But whenever I look back at what I write, I hate it. Like when I look back at this in a year, I will think it sucks. And I’d like to be able to either edit or delete it.

Like the post titled “Because She’s White,” just the titled sounds kind of racist. But it isn’t! The post was supposed to be about how claiming someone got where they are because they’re black, as Clinton accused Obama of during the primaries, is stupid because you have no idea where their life would be otherwise. Maybe he wouldn’t have gone to Indonesia, etc. You can’t reduce someone’s life down to their race, so don’t bring it up. But the post was poorly written, so I wanted to go back and edit it. CBS blocked me. So I was forced to sit there, with a poorly written post gathering dust with my name attached.

So I’m semi-deleting the posts (a record still remains at CBS Sports), and blogging elsewhere. I hope you understand.

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